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Dreamtime for Women

Our Dreamtime for Women pack contains natural ingredients that help promote and enhance the dream stage of sleep while supporting optimal rest and relaxation. An effective and reliable herbal-based alternative to prescription sleep aids, which may suppress dreaming.

-Helps evoke vivid, lucid dreaming experiences
-Promotes sleep and relaxation
-Supports muscle health
-May help reduce the risk of osteoporosis

SKU MP 10082

30-Day Supply
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Contains: Dream Support, Cal-Mag 2:1

This prepackaged bundle contains these high-quality products:

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SKU MP 10082
30 packets / 30-day supply (3 pills per day)

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There's more to optimal rest than just being asleep. If you are getting adequate sleep but still feel exhausted, it may be because you are not dreaming enough. Our Dreamtime for Women pack contains an evidence-based blend of herbs traditionally used to promote healthy sleep and enhance dream states. It also provides easily absorbable forms of calcium and magnesium in an ideal 2:1 ratio to encourage rest and relaxation.

Dream Support

  • Contains a blend of herbs traditionally used for promoting relaxation, and enhancing dream state, which is important for restorative, healthy sleep
  • Vervain, a calming herb, helps evoke vivid, lucid dreaming experiences
  • California poppy, valerian, and ashwagandha help promote restful sleep

Cal-Mag 2:1

  • Formulated to allow maximum absorption
  • Magnesium is an essential micronutrient to support muscle health
  • Adequate calcium and vitamin D3, along with daily physical activity, may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis
  • One capsule provides 125 mg calcium (as calcium citrate) and 62.5 mg of magnesium (as amino acid chelate)

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