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Immune Support

A blend of thirteen organic mushrooms that support and promote immune health, especially during times of stress
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SKU SP 90025

This synergistic combination of 13 immune-supporting mushrooms, including maitake and reishi, was designed to help promote a healthy immune response, especially during times of stress.

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SKU ES 90025
30 packets / 30-Day supply (2 pills per day)

Your order is packaged in a convenient dispenser box. Each box contains 30 daily packets (30-Day supply)

Our Immune Support is a phenomenal blend of 13 species of polypore mushroom: ice man polypore, agarikon, artist conk, reishi, Oregon polypore, maitake, chaga, shiitake, mesima, birch polypore, Pleurotus Ostreatus, suehirotake, and yun zhi. These powerful mushrooms have been traditionally used for centuries and are the subject of research for their role in supporting immune health.


Take 2 capsules per day.

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