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Holiday Immune Support

One of Dr. Weil’s favorites, Holiday Immune Support pack includes a unique blend of 13 health-promoting mushrooms, long prized for their beneficial effects on the immune system.

SKU MP 90095

30-Day Supply
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Staying immune strong is vital to health and longevity. Our Holiday Immune Support pack contains beneficial mushrooms, vitamin C complex, and astragalus—all of which play a role in supporting immune health.

This prepackaged bundle contains these high-quality products:

Product Details

SKU MP 90095

30 packets / 30-day supply (4 pills per day)

Dr. Weil has long been a fan of mushrooms, and for good reason: few things can compare to the powerful and broad effects of mushrooms when it comes to supporting immune and overall health. With our Holiday Immune Support pack, you not only get a unique blend of highly valued mushrooms, but also vitamin C complex and astragalus, a tonic herb highly valued in Asia for supporting immune and upper respiratory health.


  • An herb used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine as a preventive health tonic
  • Supports immune health and benefits the lungs, digestive tract and skin

Immune Support

  • A unique blend of 13 species of polypore mushroom: ice man polypore, agarikon, artist conk, reishi, Oregon polypore, maitake, chaga, shiitake, mesima, birch polypore, zhu ling, suehirotake, and turkey tail
  • Treasured for centuries, the role of these powerful mushrooms in supporting immune health is the subject of ongoing research

Vitamin C Complex

  • Promotes cellular, tissue and immune health
  • Naturally buffered and gentle on the stomach

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