Solving the Supplement Puzzle

When it comes to vitamins, minerals, herbs and other supplements, it's challenging to make the pieces fit.

We all know that the right ones, in the right amounts, can help to fill nutrition gaps in the diet.

But which are right, and what's the right amount? It's tempting to head to the natural foods store and buy a heaping shopping-basket's worth of bottles filled with tablets, capsules and powders. That way, it seems, we're sure to get enough.

However, when it comes to supplements, more is not necessarily better. Some vitamins – such as the fat-soluble ones, A, D, E and K – can over-accumulate in the tissues. So, for example, taking a multivitamin that contains vitamin D along with a separate "D" capsule may give you more than you should get. The same potential for unhealthy overlap exists with other supplements as well.

However, an alternative strategy – consuming just one or two supplements to avoid the possibility of getting too much – has its own downside. You can wind up with gaps in your nutrition profile. Supplements that work synergistically together, such as calcium and magnesium, may not be able to do their jobs effectively if one or the other is in short supply. Other necessary nutrients may be absent altogether.

That's where the Weil Vitamin Advisor comes in! All of our supplements are physician-designed and sourced to complement each other. The Vitamin Advisor's packing machines organize your supplements in convenient daily packs that are easy to transport and use.

That means no matter which personalized supplement recommendation you receive, it will always provide you with the optimal amount - not too much, and not too little - of each vitamin, mineral, herb or essential fatty acid that you need.

In short, the Weil Vitamin Advisor offers the finest personalized, online supplement plan available.

Finally, all of the pieces fit.

Now is the time to take control of your well-being. Start your journey to optimal health with the Weil Vitamin Advisor online personal evaluation. Start your evaluation.