About Our Daily Packs

Check your kitchen cabinets. If you are like many supplement users, you'll find multiple bottles of vitamins, minerals and herbs, each with a different quantity of tablets or capsules inside, and each with a different expiration date.

The problem with such a mismatched collection is obvious - it always seems that one bottle is running out, requiring frequent trips to the store to restock. And when the time comes to travel, you must portion out supplements from several bottles to make sure you have the right amount while on the road - that is, assuming you have enough on hand to cover your whole trip!

Weil Vitamin Advisor Daily Packs solve these problems elegantly. Whether you need a standardized supplement mix from our Marketplace or a customized blend created by our Vitamin Advisor logic system, you'll receive it in convenient Daily Packs. These are small, clear, conveniently labeled and dated packets in a continuous spool inside an attractive dispenser box.

No more mismatched or expired supplements! Each morning, mid-day or evening (depending upon the box label) just tear off a pack and you've got exactly what you need. If you're heading off on a five-day trip, just toss five packs (or ten, if you take supplements twice a day) in your suitcase and you're good to go!

"Supplements are useless if they are too inconvenient to be taken regularly," said Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. "The delivery system we've pioneered at the Weil Vitamin Advisor makes it easy to get the maximum benefit from proper, scientifically informed supplementation. And as a frequent traveler myself, I love the convenience of being able to bring along precisely the amount of supplements I need, no matter how long I'm away from home."